Frequently asked questions

How does CareHealth work?

Our model is simple: we purchase meals from local restaurants and deliver to healthcare departments. This allows us to support local businesses and show our gratitude to healthcare professionals in the best way we know how -- with food.

Where does my donation go?

100% of our donations go toward purchasing meals from local restaurants. We have an ever-growing network of restaurants that we've partnered with to supply the meals for healthcare departments.

How much does it cost to feed an entire department?

Each department varies, but it costs roughly $500 to feed a standard department and $1,000 to feed an emergency department.

I want to volunteer, what can I do?

We have an awesome team of delivery drivers that pick up food from local restaurants and safely drop off at the hospital entrance. Contact to learn more.

How are you promoting safety?

We provide our delivery drivers with all the sanitary materials (masks, gloves, solutions, etc.) they'll need to safely transport food. All our meals are served in individual packaging and we are consistently monitoring and adapting to new guidelines by the FDA, CDC, and USDA.

How can my restaurant become a partner?

Let's get your food delivered to a hospital! Send us an email at -- we'll get you on our schedule as soon as we can.

How can my business support CareHealth?

You can sponsor meals for a department, a delivery day, or a whole week of deliveries! We have various sponsorship levels that each have their own perks. For more details on pricing and benefits, email

I want to spread the word, what do I do?

Share CareHealth with 10 friends! You can find us on Instagram and Facebook @carehealthcommunity or online at If you want a press kit, email